2018 Summer training nights

 Poplar RoadRutlish School
MondayAll Stars (Starts May 14)
U10 (Starts Apr 23)
U14 (Starts April 16 - First week Poplar Road only, then Rutlish School)
TuesdayU6/U7 (Starts May 01)
U8 (Starts Apr 24)
U9 (Starts Apr 24)
Girls (Starts May 01
WednesdayU13 (Starts April 18)
ThursdaySeniors 6.15pm - 8.30pm
U16 (Starts April 19)
U15 (Starts April 19)
FridayU11 (Starts April 20)U12 (Starts April 20)

All start dates for coaching are dependent on the condition of the pitch. Managers will keep you up to date of any changes.