Welcome to the 2019 season!

Under the leadership of Evan last year, the 2nd XI managed to maintain a place in the Surrey Championship 1st Division, a great achievement in what continues to be a tough league. Following the solid foundations built by Evan, Paddy and Daisy, I am very pleased to have taken over the captaincy and will again be looking to build further.

As captain I am aiming for another successful league finish and I also hope to create a positive cricket environment, subsequently bringing the best out of all the players that represent the 2nd XI.

For years, Old Ruts have developed a number of young players throughout the senior sides with a prime example of this being Surrey’s Ryan Patel who made numerous appearances in the 2nd XI. I thoroughly enjoyed helping younger players develop while captaining the Sunday 2nd XI and this is another aspect of the captaincy I am looking forward too.


2nd XI Captain


Errol Moore-Amaadzie


[email protected]