1. The name of the Club shall be “Old Rutlishians’ Cricket Club”, hereinafter called “The Club”.


  1. Full Membership of the Club shall be confined to


      (a)        The President and all Past Presidents of the Old Rutlishians Association;


      (b)       Full members of the Old Rutlishians Association who have paid in respect of the current or preceding season as appropriate the subscriptions in accordance with Rule 4; and


      (c)        Vice-Presidents of the Association as appointed by the Executive Committee of the Association who shall be Vice-Presidents of the Club.


       3          Affiliated members of the Club shall be


      (a)        Rutlish Schoolboys who have played for the Club in the current or preceding season as appropriate;


      (b)       Persons who have played for the Club Colts Section in two different seasons and are appointed by the Club Committee for periods not exceeding one year. Such persons may play for the Club without restrictions in the same way as full members. They shall pay the appropriate match subscriptions under Rule 4.


      (c)        Patrons of the Club who are appointed for periods of not more than one year by the Club Committee.


       (d)       Other Members of the Association (Ex Officio Members & Associate Members), numbering not more than 24 at any one time, who have paid in respect of the preceding season as appropriate the subscriptions in accordance with Rule 4.

Other Members of the Association shall be liable to pay the appropriate match subscriptions under Rule 4.


It is Club policy to limit the number of Other Members of the Association under Rule 3(d) in the lower sides to ensure that opportunities exist for members under Rules 2(b), 3(a) and 3(b) to develop in these sides.


  1. Annual Membership Subscription & Match Fees


Anyone wishing to be a member of the section needs to pay an Annual Subscription, the amount of which will be fixed by the Committee before the start of the season.


Furthermore, each member must also be a member of the Old Rutlishians’ Association at the time of joining. If they are not, they must pay the relevant Membership fee to join the ORA.


The Committee may waive or reduce annual or match subscriptions in cases of hardship or in other circumstances where it is felt appropriate e.g. 20/20 games and midweek games may be at a lower rate. Someone seeking a reduction because of hardship should apply to the committee who may request evidence from them.
Further for each match in which play commences, each player in the team shall be liable to pay a match subscription as follows:

              (i)     £12.00 for the 1st and 2nd teams, or
              (ii)    £11.00 for any other team, or
            (iii)    £8.00 for students and unemployed
             (iv)    £6.00 for those under 18s not in full time employment

The match subscription will normally include provision of a tea.

Umpires and scorers would not normally be charged to join the section or be charged a match fee.


Those who have not paid the relevant annual subscription shall not be eligible to be selected for league fixtures.


  1. (a) In addition to any other meetings, the Club shall in each year, on a date to be determined by the Committee, hold a General Meeting as its Annual General Meeting, of which not less than 14 days written notice shall be given to all full members, and shall specify the meeting as such in the notices calling it. Not more than fifteen months shall elapse between the date of one Annual General Meeting and that of the next.


            (b)       The Committee shall be empowered to call an Extraordinary General Meeting on seven days notice being given to all full members in writing.


            (c)        Upon receipt of notice in writing signed by not less than 9 full members being given to the Secretary, such notice stating the business of the proposed meeting, the Secretary shall within 21 days convene an Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with Rule 4(b).


            (d)       The notice calling a General Meeting shall specify the business to be transacted.


  1. (a) The Club shall be administered by a Committee of full members which shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of a Chairman, Club Captain, Club Vice-Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Fixture Secretary, Honorary Team Secretary, and Captains (or in their absence the Vice-Captains) of each XI and three other members of the Club.


            (b)       A quorum of the Committee shall consist of any 7 of the elected Committee.


            (c)        The Committee shall have powers to co-opt additional members to fill any casual vacancy which may arise other than a vacancy occurring in the office of Club Captain in which event the Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting.

            (d)       When an individual occupies more than one position on the Committee, he/she is entitled to one vote only when matters are put to the vote.


  1. The right to attend and speak at a General Meeting shall be confined to members of the Club. Voting at a General Meeting shall be confined to members except that only full playing members are entitled to vote for the appointment of Club and Team Captains and Vice Captains.”


  1. The financial year shall end on the 30 September in every year and audited accounts shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. There shall be a selection Committee consisting of the Captains of each XI and the Vice-Captains of the 1st XI’s, each of whom in their absence shall nominate a deputy. This Committee shall have the power to co-opt further members.


  1. The Club colours shall be the Association colours: Azure, Gold, Black and Silver.


  1. None of the foregoing rules shall be amended or altered in any way, save by consented resolution in General Meeting. The assent of two-thirds of those full members present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting shall be obtained before any proposed alteration to the rules shall become effective.


  1. The foregoing rules shall supersede all other rules that may have been adopted from time to time.