ORCC Seniors Cricket Selection Policy


Old Rutlishians Cricket Club’s (ORCC) primary playing objective is for all sides, on both Saturdays and Sundays, is to be competitive and play at the highest standard possible. In order to achieve this, ORCC wants to be transparent with our selection criteria. Additionally,ORCC strives to actively promote our younger players, with the aim of providing a platform for them to play the highest standard their abilities allow, as well as developing their skills, while continuing to enjoy their cricket beyond Junior level.

The overall playing objective of the club is to improve its position long term as an established Club in Surrey with our First XI playing comfortably in Division one and the second through fifth XIs playing in the Surrey Championship at the highest standard possible.

The selection committee consists of the captains (or vice-captain in the absence of the captain), club captain, Chair of selection and the Men’s Cricket Chairperson. 

Selection will be carried out on Tuesday evenings.

The previous weekend’s matches will be discussed, as will the on-going individual & team performances. It is the responsibility of every player to ensure that his availability is known to the selection committee. 

Availability can be informed directly using the availability Spond. 

If availability is not notified it will be assumed that the player is not available for selection.


  1. General selection policy includes the following:
  • All teams to be picked on ability and performance to maximise the strength of each team whilst also ensuring the correct balance (number of batsmen, spinners, fast bowlers etc) of the team.
  • The 1st XI takes precedence over 2nd XI. The 2nd XI over 3rd XI. The 3rd XI over 4th XI. 
  • Members who have not paid their subscriptions or haven’t paid their match fees the previous week will not be considered for selection.
  • Players must play where selected.
  • New members, unless considered to be immediately of a First XI standard, will initially be encouraged to perform for lower XIs to gain promotion to higher XIs.
  • Players must play in the team they have been selected for.
  • Any player who refuses to play for a specific team will no longer be eligible for selection. No refunds of membership fees paid will be given.
  • The selection committee is solely responsible for selection. In the case of disagreements on the selection committee (between captain’s) on who should play where, the Club Captain shall have the final say.
  • Any player changing their availability after Wednesday’s selection meeting must personally talk to their team captain ASAP.
  • Consistent offenders pulling out after making their availability known will be subject to the possibility of not being selected when next available.
  • Any player withdrawing from two consecutive games after having confirmed their availability shall not be eligible for selection for a minimum of one game.


  1. Player Shortages
  • In the event of a team being short of players on the lead up or on match days itself the higher XI has the right to take a player from a lower XI providing the lower XI match hasn’t already.
  • Promotion and demotion of players from one team to the next must be based on performance or to ensure the correct balance of the team (number of batsmen, spinners, fast bowlers etc). The only exception to this is for disciplinary reasons.
  • A player should not be promoted or dropped down, more than one team.


  1. Informing senior players / working with Juniors
  • Captains will personally inform players who have been dropped (via phone call or if possible in person) in advance of the teams being published. Texting is only acceptable in exceptional circumstances once other methods have been.
  • A regular dialogue needs to take place between the Junior Cricket Secretary and the Men’s Cricket Chairperson with regards to playing junior players.


  1. Cancellations & Time Keeping
  • It is the player’s responsibility to establish whether a match has been called off due to weather. Players selected will be notified by text or email.Team sheets shall appear on the clubs online Noticeboard by Thursday evening.
  • Players persistently arriving late for meet times shall be dropped. For the avoidance of doubt persistently means two weeks in a row, two weeks out of four, two weeks out of three or three weeks in total at any time.