Welcome to the 2022 season!

For children in School Year 3, we run Kwik Cricket, which plays cricket using plastic bats, stumps and tennis balls. However, now we also start using Incrediballs (harder rubber balls, about the same weight as a cricket ball) to get them used to playing with a more realistic ball.

Sessions will mix in lots of different activities, depending on whether the coach wants to work on fielding skills, match-play experience, batting or bowling techniques etc.

This year group also enter the NEC Surrey Colts League and will play several league matches over the summer (the first match experience for many of the kids). We will also be looking to arrange several friendlies, and internal matches, to give the kids more experience of match play.

We would ask parents to help out in a variety of ways (many hands making light work). You could umpire a few games, do the scoring, help lay on some mid-match refreshments, help ferry kids to away matches, and add vocal encouragement from the boundary!

If you are interested in joining our Year 3 squad, please e-mail Stuart (the age group manager) at [email protected]



Stuart Atkins

[email protected]